Holly Peño


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Holly Peno, The Spicy Queen of Cleavage, began her burlesque love affair with Chicago’s Eve’s Parlor Burlesque (Oz Fest ’05 produced by Angela Eve). Relocating to Miami in 2005 she began Shameless Burlesque in May of 08. She has since produced shows in some of Miami’s favorite venues including The Vagabond Night Club, Kung Fu Kitchen & Purdy Lounge. She continues to perform with some South Florida’s finest burlesque artists & revues Morgan La Rues Shimmy Shake Revue & Aurora Natrix Ritz Glitz Revue . Shameless Burlesque garnered ‘Miami New Times Best Of’ Burlesque, 2010 edition and then she herself gained the cover of the same magazine later that year for their Interesting People of Miami (Burlesque Babe), 2010 edition. Recently, she was invited as a burlesque expert & correspondent on The Sex in South Beach Radio Show with Dr. Sonjia Kenya on Own Your Power Radio You can also catch her every last Friday of the month at Kill Your Idol, South Beach, producing & performing the Shameless Burlesque Show.